The Upstream Kernel Validation Project

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50 Minute Talk
Scheduled: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 4:00 – 4:50pm in Willow B

One Line Summary

The presentation will cover an introduction to a community based, architecture agnostic build and boot automation tool for the Linux Kernel.


Distributed boards farms across the world are working together to deliver unified build, boot, and test results for every merge of an upstream Linux kernel tree. A community based architecture agnostic effort, aims to detect regressions in a timely manner and report back to kernel developers with a concise summary of the issue(s). On every merge, all defconfigs for x86, arm, and arm64 are built, booted, and tested on over 300 real or virtual hardware platforms. The presentation will cover an introduction to the system, live demos, and how to start consuming the results. Come join in the discussion and help make Linux better!


  • Tyler

    Tyler Baker



    Tyler Baker is Washington State native, and is currently working as a Director of Engineering at Linaro. He is a upstream Linux kernel contributor, and is a maintainer of Linaro’s automated validation architecture more commonly known as LAVA. With a passion for Linux based robotics systems he builds and programs surface/air based drones as a hobby in his spare time.