Linux Thermal sysfs enhancement

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One Line Summary

Enhance thermal sysfs for user space thermal controllers


Linux thermal management is no longer an isolated condition, so it is important to manage thermal without significantly degrading performance. The thermal management needs a holistically view of the system, which can be better achieved by user space thermal management programs. The current Linux thermal sysfs, exports thermal participants as zones and cooling devices, which can be used by the user space programs. But it needs enhancements to meet the growing requirements for presentation and performance. The sysfs enhancements areas are:
– Performance improvements by providing a dev interface
– Provide a method to push instead of pull for thermal samples
– Provide user space triggers for reevaluation of thermal trip points
– Separate threshold temperature for notification from trip points
– Don’t loose precision by using fixed point arithmetic in kernel

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  • Srinivas Pandruvada

    Intel Corporation.


    Srinivas is a software engineer at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center and a Linux kernel maintainer. He currently works in the Linux power and performance group. He has several years of experience in developing embedded software for mobile phones and authored multiple drivers for thermal, hid and iio subsystems.