BOF: PXE Sucks

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60 Minute BoF
Scheduled: Thursday, August 20, 2015 from 6:00 – 7:00pm in Kirkland

One Line Summary

Project ONIE - Modern, Scalable, Network Based OS Installations


In the data center, the ecosystem of bare metal network switches running Linux is growing rapidly. A key enabler of this ecosystem is the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) project, which provides an environment for installing any network OS on disparate hardware platforms.

In his presentation, Curt Brune will describe the benefits of ONIE, explain why Linux is the foundation of ONIE, review how ONIE works, cover the current state of the ONIE project and solicit discussion about the future challenges and directions for ONIE.


- Based on a modern Linux kernel and BusyBox
- Provides an environment for installing any network OS
- Automate large scale data center switch provisioning
- Manage your switches like you manage your Linux servers


linux, GRUB, boot loader, BusyBox, installer


  • Curt

    Curt Brune

    Cumulus Networks, Inc.


    Curt Brune is a senior member of the technical staff at Cumulus Networks, where he gets his hands dirty in the low level bits of embedded networking equipment.

    - Leader of the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) project
    - A regular speaker at Open Compute Project summits and workshops in the Network Group

    - free software
    - boot loaders
    - the Linux kernel
    - Linux OS installers at scale
    - Gamma-ray astronomy