CRIU Support in Docker for Native Checkpoint and Restore

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One Line Summary

Discussion and live demonstration of how CRIU can be used by Docker to checkpoint and restore containers.


Docker has a rich set of commands like start, stop, restart, kill, pause, and unpause to control the execution lifecycle of a container. Using the Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace (CRIU) tool, it’s possible to complement the command set with checkpoint and restore. Container checkpoint and restore (C/R) offers the following use cases:

Ability to stop and start the Docker daemon (say for an upgrade) without having to stop the containers and restart them from scratch, losing the work they had done when they were stopped.

Ability to reboot the system without having to restart the containers from scratch. Same benefits as use case 1 above.

Ability to do “forensic debugging” of processes running in a container by examining their checkpoint images (open files, memory segments, etc.).

Ability to migrate containers by restoring them on a different machine than where they were checkpointed.


CRIU, docker, container checkpoint, container restore, container migration

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