State of Wayland


One Line Summary

Quick overview of the development status of Wayland and Weston.


The core Wayland protocol is quite mature, and ready for desktop environments to adopt. That said, we do have a couple race conditions and a rendering issue relating to damage with rotated surfaces.

Weston serves as a reference implementation and as a testbed for new technology, some of which will eventually migrate to Wayland. We’ll take a look at some of the things being worked on in Weston and things coming soon.

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  • Biography

    Bryce Harrington is a Senior Open Source Developer at Samsung Research America focusing on Open Source Graphics. Prior to Samsung, he led Canonical, Ltd.’s Ubuntu team, and focused on stabilization of the graphics and input infrastructures for the Ubuntu distribution. Bryce began his career in the aerospace industry as a spacecraft propulsion engineer at The Aerospace Corporation, Hughes Space and Communications and TRW. Later, he joined the Open Source Development Labs as a Senior Performance Engineer working on NFSv4 testing and development of automated test systems. He is a founder and developer of the Inkscape project and serves as Chairman of the Inkscape Board. Bryce has a BS-AE from USC and an MS-AE from Caltech.