Integrating KDBus in Android


One Line Summary

An experiment on using KDBus as a potential replacement for Binder in Android.


Over the course of three months we have experimented with integrating KDBus in Android. More specifically, considering it as a potential replacement for Binder in the future. KDBus is being considered for upstream inclusion which makes now the perfect time for us to experiment with it.

We will talk about how Android currently performs IPC with the Binder API. And then go into a little more details of how this API is implemented on top of the binder kernel driver. We will also go through KDBus’ capabilities in order to see how it could satisfy Binder’s needs and model.

Finally, we will see a possible approach: Implementing a subset of the Binder API on top KDBUS. This will allow us to show how Binder’s synchronous nature can be implemented and present a way to move forward with this work.

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  • Biography

    I am a Graduate software engineer at ARM. I have been involved in various project over the past couple of years including Android, Google-V8 and the GNU tools.

    Originally from Franche-Comté, France, I graduated in Embedded systems and Computer science engineering at the university of Burgundy, ESIREM in Dijon.