Adapting Android for Ara


One Line Summary

Discussion of how Android is being modified to work for Project Ara.


Android has existed for about a decade now and, during that time, it has mostly run on hardware that was fixed at design time. As such, Android images typically contain support for a very specific set of hardware that does not vary at runtime. Project Ara revisits this classic mobile design by introducing a modular handset that allows its user to dynamically change almost everything on his device. To work on such a platform, Android needs to be modified in several ways. This talk/discussion will cover some of the ongoing work in this area.

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    Karim Yaghmour

    Opersys inc.


    Karim Yaghmour is CEO of Opersys, which specializes in Embedded Android and Embedded Linux, and best defines himself as part serial entrepreneur, part unrepentant geek. He’s the author of O’Reilly’s Embedded Android, the first book to cover Android’s internals, and Building Embedded Linux Systems, which sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and has been translated into several different languages. Karim pioneered the world of Linux tracing by introducing the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) in the late ’90s. Other open source contributions include relayfs and Adeos. Karim has presented and published as part of a number of peer-reviewed scientific conferences, magazines and online publications, including Usenix, the Linux Kernel Summit, the Embedded Linux Conference, the Android Builders Summit, and the Real-Time Linux Workshop.