Open-Channel SSDs


One Line Summary

Support for Open-Channel SSDs - Ongoing progress


Support for Open-Channel SSDs is an open-source initiative to push management of SSDs into the host. The initiative enables application-driver storage, where applications directly integrate with the underlying storage and its characteristics. Leading to improvements in storage utilization, predictability and latency. We’ll outline the current roadmap, missing pieces before going upstream, and upcoming vendors and applications supporting the framework.


SSD, application-driven storage


  • Matias Bjørling

    CNEX Labs


    Matias Bjørling obtained a Ph.D. in operating systems and characteritics of solid state drives. He is a member of CNEX Labs technical staff. Prior to that, he worked on performance characterization of flash-based SSDs, operating- and database systems research and the multi-queue block layer. Matias is a contributor to the Linux Kernel and is the creator of the LightNVM framework for Open-Channel SSDs.