Switchdev driver for ASIC


One Line Summary

A discussion about the implementation of a switchdev driver for advanced ASIC


The switch device driver model (switchdev) enables the offloading of the forwarding plane from kernel to the hardware.
In this talk we will present a basic switch driver with provisions for L2 and L3 offloads and discuss key issues in the implementation, such FDB aging and exceeding hardware resources.




  • matty kadosh



    matty kadosh is a software architect at mellanox where he works on various networking components focusing on Linux and switch software.

  • Razi-081_pp_medium


    Experienced entrepreneur and business leader who is well respected for his technical expertise and top-notch project management skills. Specializes in the fields of low-level development, information security, networking and file-system drivers, with a unique system-wide knowledge of many low-level platforms including Intel x86_64 platforms, ARM-based platforms, Microsoft Windows internals and Linux internals.

  • Biography

    Software Engineer @ Mellanox