ION Feature Upstreaming: Issues that remain


One Line Summary

Working towards a common generic display-capable buffer allocation API


One significant pain point for vendors is the deeply platform-specific knowledge required to allocate buffers which will be suitable for any combination of media decode engines, display engines, GPUs, and similar.

Various ideas have been discussed for ION allocator replacement, and some RFC’ed – lets revisit them and see if we’re on the right path, or is there a path-correction required.

Also, discuss the other ION issues that still remain that must be handled for an upstream-worthy solution.


ion, dma, cenalloc, gralloc, gbm, buffer management

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    Sumit Semwal



    Sumit leads a small team inside Linaro Mobile Group to work on Android Kernel Upstreaming. In addition,
    Sumit is the maintainer of dma-buf buffer sharing framework in the Linux kernel.

    Earlier, Sumit worked with Texas Instruments in their OMAP division, in various engineering and techno-managerial capacities.

    Sumit holds a Masters in Computer Applications with specialization in Software Engineering, from IP University of Delhi.

    Sumit loves the exposure to multiple cultures that working with the global Linux community gets him. oh, and of course, the travel :).