Devicetree overlay use in Juniper products

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One Line Summary

Describe the use of devicetree overlays in Juniper products.

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At Juniper, we use devicetree overlays to manage a variety of cards which can be inserted and removed at runtime.

In this session, I will describe the basic system architecture, our requirements, and why we decided to use devicetree overlays to meet those requirements. I will also dive into the actual implementation of our card management framework in the Linux kernel, and explore some of the limitations of the current devicetree overlay code.


Device Tree, Overlays


  • Guenter Roeck

    Juniper Networks


    Guenter Roeck has been an active Linux kernel developer since 2008. In the Linux kernel community he maintains the hardware monitoring subsystem and helps out with the watchdog subsystem. He is also involved in Linux kernel testing and maintains an automated testing framework from servers running at his home.
    Guenter has worked for Cisco Systems, Ericsson, and other networking companies prior to joining Juniper Networks as a Linux kernel expert.