Overlays and tools for sanity.

This proposal has been rejected.


One Line Summary

Overlays is a significant change to the kernel device tree capabilities which require new tooling for keeping their use sane. (See "Device Tree Overlays" for slides.)


Device Tree overlays represent a big change for the device tree in the kernel. Where as of old the device tree was something static, now it’s something that can change at runtime.
We could use some new tools to help us when creating them (compile time) and some kernel tooling to help when applying them (run time).


tools, Device Tree, dtc


  • Pantelis Antoniou

    Konsulko Group


    Pantelis Antoniou has been an active Linux kernel developer for more than 13 years. Has brought to market a lot of Linux based products, passing through companies like Texas Instruments, Mentor Graphics, NVIDIA before ending up with Konsulko Group.He gets to make Linux play nice with cars among other. He has already been a speaker in two previous ELC’s. His current interests are planting Device Trees on everything, hypervisors and asymmetric processing.