Persistent Memory Usages In The Coming Decade


One Line Summary

A discussion around persistent memory expectations from SW developers looking forward over the next decade.


How will SW developers, both in-kernel and application-level, make use of features like DAX for persistent memory (pmem)? How do we see the ecosystem around pmem evolving over the next decade? This discussion will start with Andy describing active work from major ISVs around pmem and continue with an open discussion around some of the interesting future features that have come up. The intention of this discussion is both to share information on current development around pmem and to brainstorm on where Linux kernel development might focus on future pmem features.


nvm, pmem, nvdimm

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  • Rudoff

    Andy Rudoff



    Andy Rudoff is a Principal Engineer in Intel’s Data Center Group, focusing on software and non-volatile memory. Andy has been working closely with Intel’s Open Source Technology Center to create a rich ecosystem for Persistent Memory, the emerging NVDIMMs, and related technologies. He is the architect and a main contributor to the NVM Library ( which builds on the Linux DAX and NVDIMM drivers to provide transactions and persistent memory allocation.