Early Kernel Timing and Tracing

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One Line Summary

This talk demonstrates how to do kernel timing and tracing starting at the beginning of start_kernel().


The main part of the kernel is heavily tuned and examined, but kernel tracing and timing subsystems are typically not available in early system bringup. This topic will show how to get timers, tracing and logging starting in the bootloader and continuing into early kernel while preserving/sharing the buffers. Analysis of early kernel traces will be demonstrated.


kernel, tracing, u-boot


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    John Mehaffey

    Mentor Graphics


    John Mehaffey has been working on embedded Linux since 1989. He is currently a Linux architect at Mentor Graphics working on fastboot.

    John designed real-time computers at Hewlett-Packard, and has a deep understanding of the boot and early system bringup process. John presented most recently at ELC about fastboot.