Rethinking the core OS in 2015


One Line Summary

Building a new Linux system on top of clang, libc++ and musl


Traditionally, building a Linux system had to start with gcc, libstdc++ and glibc – bootstrapping was a bit of a pain with having to go through 3 stages of building the compiler.

The LLVM toolchain and a few other projects make it possible to rethink those choices — and potentially get to a better system faster.

What can a modern Linux system look like if it throws away concerns about binary compatibility with old systems, and what do we have to fix to get there?


LLVM, Clang, libc++, bootstrap, musl

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  • Bero


    Bernhard Rosenkraenzer has been a Linux developer since 1995 and has written code for more than 100 FOSS projects.

    He is currently the Tech Lead of Linaro’s Android team. He is also a developer and council member of the OpenMandriva foundation.