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Refereed Talk

Proposals for this track

* Everything's a File Descriptor

This talk will present clonefd, fd-based API design, and discuss other kernel APIs that would benefit from file descriptors.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Josh Triplett

* Performance Monitoring in the Linux Kernel

In this talk, Davidlohr will present different alternatives to kernel performance monitoring through automation and will discuss how it can serve to actively detect regressions and new issues throughout the kernel, including how developers can easily test their changes on a wide range of workloads and gather important runtime metrics.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Davidlohr Bueso

* Tying TPMs Throughout The Stack

TPMs in Linux are poorly understood and poorly trusted, they sit there on the LPC bus, gathering dust. What can we do to tie this exceptionally useful security device into the underlying OS and make real steps to better security?
Refereed Talk 06/22/2015
Matthew Garrett

* ACPI 6 and Linux

I will describe the new specification process used to produce ACPI 6, the implementation of the ACPI support in the Linux kernel and explain how the new specification revision is going to be addressed by it, plus a few most important changes with respect to the previous revisions of ACPI. (slides)
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Rafael Wysocki

* Botching up IOCTLs

This talk will present lessons learned while creating tons userspace interfaces for the drm subsystem and its gpu drivers.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Daniel Vetter

* The Upstream Kernel Validation Project

The presentation will cover an introduction to a community based, architecture agnostic build and boot automation tool for the Linux Kernel.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Tyler Baker

* Open-Channel Solid State Drives

Introduction to Open-Channels SSDs and LightNVM. It will show the possibilities of this new storage interface, report on the current status of LightNVM, and present the development roadmap.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Matias Bjørling

* Optimizing Application Performance in Large Multi-core Systems

This presentation discusses various performance related kernel patches that can help improving performance and scalability in large multi-core systems and best practices to avoid this type of performance problems in user applications. (slides)
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Wai Man Long

* Pushing the Limits of Kernel Networking

This talk will cover the Linux kernel limits in terms of small packet networking performance, efforts to push those limits further, and tips and tricks to get the most out of the networking stack. (slides)
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Alexander Duyck

* Solving Device Tree Issues

This talk will focus on the status of debug facilities, how to debug device tree issues, and debug tips and tricks. (slides)
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Frank Rowand

* Suspend/Resume at the Speed of Light

We'll present analyze_suspend, a tool we developed to measure performance, then we'll explore the kernel and driver optimizations that have been made as a result of using this tool.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Len Brown

* The RT patch -What needs to be done to get it into mainline?

This talk will explain what still needs to be done to get the RT patch fully into mainline, and what is holding it up from getting in.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Steven Rostedt

* Topics of Interest from the MM Summit

This presentation will cover the highlights of the discussions of the most recent MM the summit and summarize their aftermath both on the mailing list and upstream.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Sasha Levin

* Turtles all the way: Running Linux on open hardware

Patent expiration lets us leverage existing kernel, toolchain, and userspace support on now royalty-free hardware, such as SuperH. We've implemented a cleanroom sh2-compatible processor. (slides)
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Rob Landley

* Using seccomp to Limit the Kernel Attack Surface

This session, will look briefly at the history of seccomp, then examine the BPF virtual machine and some practical examples of filtering programs that restrict the set of permitted system calls.
Refereed Talk 06/11/2015
Michael Kerrisk