File and Storage Systems track

Thursday, August 20, 2015 from 1:304:00pm
Metropolitan A

The Linux Plumbers 2015 File and Storage Systems track focuses on userspace interactions with ongoing work in the filesystem and IO stack. The format will resemble past years, in which a discussion is framed with a few slides or some opening comments before broadening into a larger discussion involving the attendees.

Microconference Leader

Darrick Wong

Proposals for this track

* Dynamic iSCSI at Scale: Remote Paging at Google

Running clusters with millions of short-lived iSCSI sessions. (slides)
File and Storage Systems 06/23/2015
Nick Black

* MD RAID 5/6 Caching Layer

Discuss using SSD/NVRAM to cache MD RAID 5/6 data
File and Storage Systems 07/29/2015
Shaohua Li

* Open-Channel SSDs

Support for Open-Channel SSDs - Ongoing progress
File and Storage Systems 07/15/2015
Matias Bjørling

* SMR in the kernel - Work remaining

A litany of work remaining for enabling SMR in the Kernel.
File and Storage Systems 06/29/2015
Adrian Palmer

* Using the DLM as a Distributed In-Memory Database

Presentation of an approach for how to use the Linux Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) to implement persistent reservation support for highly available SCSI clusters efficiently. (slides)
File and Storage Systems 05/09/2015
Bart Van Assche