Boot, Init, and Config track

Friday, August 21, 2015 from 9:0011:30am

System bringup is a critical part of the lifecycle of the system. There are many different ways to configure the kernel based on how its going to be used. This miniconference will focus on securely bringing up linux in containers and embedded systems – and ways to improve size, timing, and interfaces with other system components.

Microconference Leaders

Kate Stewart, John Mehaffey

Proposals for this track

* PXE: Sucks

Project ONIE - Modern, Scalable, Network Based OS Installations (slides)
Boot, Init, and Config 06/03/2015
Curt Brune

* Reducing the ARM Linux kernel size without losing your mind

Ways to reduce the Linux kernel size and the problems that they face. (slides)
Boot, Init, and Config 07/14/2015
Nicolas Pitre

* Research topics in fastboot

Examine low hanging fruit for sub-second booting of systems (slides)
Boot, Init, and Config 06/25/2015
John Mehaffey

* Securing the Entire Boot Chain

Discussion around a trusted boot chain and how to assure your system is running the software that you intend.
Boot, Init, and Config 07/14/2015
Matthew Garrett