Energy Aware Scheduling I track

Friday, August 21, 2015 from 9:0011:30am
Metropolitan B

Energy efficiency has received considerable attention, for example, the microconference at last year’s Plumbers. However, despite another year’s worth of vigorous efforts, there is still quite a bit left to be desired in Linux’s power management and in its energy-aware scheduling in particular, hence this year’s microconference.

Microconference Leaders

Morten Rasmussen, Rafael Wysocki

Proposals for this track

* Energy-model driven scheduling

Enabling energy-aware task scheduling and scheduler-driven power management.
Energy Aware Scheduling I 06/23/2015
Morten Rasmussen

* Recent Power Management Core Changes in Linux

Overview of changes made to the Linux kernel's PM core over the last few releases (slides)
Energy Aware Scheduling I 06/23/2015
Rafael Wysocki

* Scheduler-driven CPU frequency selection

Discuss current design and gather feedback on a cpu capacity-based frequency scaling policy. (slides)
Energy Aware Scheduling I 06/24/2015
Mike Turquette

* You can't always get what you want: P-state selection on Intel CPUs

An overview of how Performance States work on Intel platforms
Energy Aware Scheduling I 06/10/2015
Kristen Accardi