Persistent Memory track

Friday, August 21, 2015 from 1:304:00pm
Metropolitan A

The Linux Plumbers 2015 Persistent Memory track focuses on the kernel and userspace plumbing for byte-addressable (direct cpu load/store) persistent memory. ACPI 6.0, released earlier this year, formalizes a mechanism for platform firmware to advertise peristent memory (NVDIMM) resources to an operating system. With NVDIMM resources poised to become a standard platform feature this track discusses the challenges and opportunities for Linux plumbing to leverage this new capability.

Microconference Leader

Dan Williams

Proposals for this track

* Introduction to nfit, libnvdimm and libndctl

An overview of the new nfit driver, the libnvdimm kernel sub-system, and the libndctl userspace management library developed in support of non-volatile-memory enabled platforms. (slides)
Persistent Memory 06/18/2015
Dan Williams

* Persistent Memory and NUMA

discussion on how persistent memory-aware applications will specify/query NUMA locality
Persistent Memory 06/18/2015
Jeff Moyer

* Persistent Memory Usages In The Coming Decade

A discussion around persistent memory expectations from SW developers looking forward over the next decade. (slides)
Persistent Memory 06/22/2015
Andy Rudoff

* Providing Atomic Sector Updates in Software for Persistent Memory

A discussion of the workings, and performance and scalability problems of the 'BTT' algorithm to provide atomic sector updates. (slides)
Persistent Memory 06/10/2015
Vishal Verma