Networking track

Friday, August 21, 2015 from 1:304:00pm
Metropolitan B

Welcome to the “Networking” microconference of Plumbers 2015. This track was named “Network Virtualization” in previous years. Upon request we are opening up the spectrum for this year. We have however decided to define a list of interesting networking topics that we want to focus on. We will therefore favour discussion topics which fall into the following list of topics:

  • IPv6
  • Network Virtualization
  • Security

As in previous years, we are enforcing a hard limit of 3 slides per presentation to ensure focus on discussion over monologues. Marketing pitches will not be tolerated and will be shut down. (If you feel the urge to put your company logo onto slides you are probably in the wrong room anyway)

If you are interested in presenting on this topic then please list yourself in the section “Proposed Topics” below.

Microconference Leaders

Tom Herbert, Thomas Graf

Proposals for this track

* GENEVE control planes

What sort of control planes do we want for GENEVE?
Networking 06/23/2015
John Linville

* eBPF and tc classifier/actions

Overview and next steps on eBPF tc integration.
Networking 06/26/2015
Daniel Borkmann

* Framework for hardware accelerated virtio networking for NFVs

Framework is aimed at addressing performance bottlenecks associated with Vhost-net networking using hardware offloads
Networking 06/24/2015
Varun Sethi

* Geneve Openflow API

Geneve Openflow API
Networking 06/28/2015
Madhusudan Challa

* Identifier locator addressing

A method to do network virtualization without encapsulation by leveraging the insanely large address space of IPv6.
Networking 06/29/2015
Tom Herbert

* IPv6 and 6LoWPAN only networking for sensor devices

IPv6 and 6LoWPAN only networking for sensor devices
Networking 06/29/2015
Marcel Holtmann

* IPv6: Routing Cache Removal and Going Forward

The recent IPv6 routing cache removal and other IPv6 improvements we are looking at in Facebook.
Networking 06/28/2015
Martin KaFai LAU

* network virtualization with BPF

how to create virtual networks by gluing kernel components with BPF
Networking 07/01/2015
Alexei Starovoitov

* Overlay Encryption

Ensuring that new network architectures have built-in security
Networking 07/06/2015
Jesse Gross

* Switchdev driver for ASIC

A discussion about the implementation of a switchdev driver for advanced ASIC
Networking 07/07/2015
Elad Raz, Ido Schimmel, matty kadosh

* VRF's in linux : reusing infrastructure

Proposal to implment VRF lite using existing linux constructs
Networking 06/28/2015
Shrijeet Mukherjee, David Ahern