Android/Mobile I track

Thursday, August 20, 2015 from 1:304:00pm

As with 2014 and several years prior, 2015 is the year of the Linux smartphone. There are a number of mobile/embedded environments based on the Linux kernel, the most prominent of course being Android. One consequence of this prominence is a variety of projects derived from Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which raises the question of how best to manage them, and additionally if it is possible to run a single binary image of the various software components across a variety of devices. In addition, although good progress has been made upstreaming various Android patches, there is more work to be done for ADF, KMS, and Sync, among others. Migrating from Binder to KDBus is still a challenge, as are a number of other candidates for removal from drivers/staging. There are also issues remaining with ION, cenalloc, and DMA API. Finally, power management is still in need of improvement, with per-process power management being a case in point.

Microconference Leader

Karim Yaghmour

Proposals for this track

* Adapting Android for Ara

Discussion of how Android is being modified to work for Project Ara. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 07/25/2015
Karim Yaghmour

* Android, partitions and customization

How the Android project is trying to make builds more modular and allow a wider variety of devices to run on the same binary image. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 07/20/2015
Rom Lemarchand

* Barriers for running mainline kernels on consumer Android devices

Will discuss past and current barriers to running mainline kernel on off-the-shelf Android devices, what is improving and what needs to be done. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 06/15/2015
John Stultz

* Running a single Android binary image on multiple devices

Methods for building and running a single Android binary image on many different hardware platforms. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 06/16/2015
Samuel Ortiz

* State of Staging

State of the Android staging tree code
Android/Mobile I 07/25/2015
Greg Kroah-Hartman

* USB gadget and ConfigFS - status & future

Status and future development of configfs interface in usb gadgets (slides)
Android/Mobile I 06/18/2015
Andrzej Pietrasiewicz