Development Tools Tutorial track

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 2:004:30pm
Room 3AB (WSCC)

In a departure from prior Plumbers tradition, we are pleased to announce not a Development Tools Microconference, but rather a set of Development Tools tutorials, including interactive tutorials, demos, and short presentations. Topics include Coccinelle (Julia Lawall), testing and debugging tools (Shuah Khan), issues with copying and pasting Linux kernel code (Michael Godfrey), and LLVM/clang and the Linux kernel (Behan Webster).

Microconference Leader

Julia Lawall

Proposals for this track

* All We Like Sheep: Copy/Paste as a Principled Engineering Tool

Kent Beck called code duplication "#1 in the stink parade" of bad smells; so why do so many professional developers copy/paste anyway?
Development Tools Tutorial 04/30/2015
Mike Godfrey

* Coccinelle

Introduction to Coccinelle (slides)
Development Tools Tutorial 05/10/2015
Julia Lawall

* Early Kernel Timing and Tracing

This talk demonstrates how to do kernel timing and tracing starting at the beginning of start_kernel().
Development Tools Tutorial 06/11/2015
John Mehaffey

* Linux Kernel Debugging Tools Overview

Overview of Linux Kernel Debugging Tools (slides)
Development Tools Tutorial 04/27/2015
Shuah Khan

* Using clang static analyzer with the Linux kernel code

Walkthrough of how to use the clang static analyzer with the Linux kernel code. (slides)
Development Tools Tutorial 06/30/2015
Behan Webster