BoF Track track


Proposals for this track

* BOF: Bittern Disk Cache

Bittern Disk Cache: replacing Hardware RAID with Persistent Memory and software RAID stack
BoF Track 07/23/2015
Fiorenzo Cattaneo

* BOF: Coordinating software (eBPF/tc/OVS/nft/DPDK) and hardware dataplanes

Discuss directions and open problems in frameworks for building a programmable and extensible pipelines that leverage software and hardware.
BoF Track 06/23/2015
John Fastabend

* BOF: Device Mapper for Shingle Magnetic Recording (SMR)

Approach and progress in developing a device mapper for SMR
BoF Track 07/09/2015
jim malina

* BOF: Distributed file systems

In-kernel NFS, NFS/Ganesha, Samba, CIFS, Ceph and more
BoF Track 08/18/2015
Chuck Lever

* BOF: Kernel networking and TCP's (ir)relevance in the latest brave new world

Let's talk about the latest trend in transport protocol development which is to expressly avoid relying on the kernel
BoF Track 07/08/2015
Tom Herbert

* BOF: Open Hardware

Come talk about royalty Free SOC/processor designs and FPGA development.
BoF Track 06/23/2015
Rob Landley

* BOF: Potential Userspace Filesystem APIs

Let's get together to discuss potential userspace APIs for advanced FS & storage systems that we could add to the kernel!
BoF Track 08/17/2015
Darrick Wong

* BOF: PXE Sucks

Project ONIE - Modern, Scalable, Network Based OS Installations
BoF Track 04/30/2015
Curt Brune

* BOF: switchdev offloading

A look on the common dilemma for offloading Linux network component to HW switches and e-switches using switchdev
BoF Track 07/01/2015
matty kadosh

* BOF: Virtual Routing Framework (VRF)

Discussion of VRF architecture and implementation issues
BoF Track 06/25/2015
Stephen Hemminger

* libcontainer - golang containers

How to write containers implementation in (almost)pure Go
BoF Track 05/15/2015
Alexander Morozov