Capacity: 20
Seating Configuration: theater no tables

Hacking Room (available Thursday, Friday)
3rd Floor Main Building, Sheraton Hotel

Proposals for this room

* BOF: Kernel networking and TCP's (ir)relevance in the latest brave new world

Let's talk about the latest trend in transport protocol development which is to expressly avoid relying on the kernel
BoF Track 07/08/2015
Tom Herbert

* BOF: Coordinating software (eBPF/tc/OVS/nft/DPDK) and hardware dataplanes

Discuss directions and open problems in frameworks for building a programmable and extensible pipelines that leverage software and hardware.
BoF Track 06/23/2015
John Fastabend

* BOF: Virtual Routing Framework (VRF)

Discussion of VRF architecture and implementation issues
BoF Track 06/25/2015
Stephen Hemminger