Rudolf Streif


Rudolf Streif

Jaguar Land Rover


As an Infotainment Specialist for Jaguar Land Rover’s Open Source Technology Center Rudolf Streif applies open source software technology and engineering practices to next generation infotainment systems, enabling rapid development and new ecosystems.

Prior to that, as the Linux Foundation’s Director of Embedded Solutions, Mr. Streif connected companies seeking to leverage Linux and open source for embedded product development with open source communities. He has created the Automotive Linux Summit an event that brings together the most innovative minds from automotive expertise with open source software excellence. He is leading the Linux Foundation’s Automotive Grade Linux collaboration project, an initiative to advance Linux and open source in the automotive industry.

Mr. Streif is a seasoned software engineering / management executive with over 20+ years experience and expertise in embedded software and hardware engineering, product development, life-cycle management and organizational leadership. He held engineering management positions in various industries including automotive, IPTV/DVB digital television and industrial imaging. He has successfully leveraged the strengths of the Linux operating system and open source software for many demanding applications. Mr. Streif received B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and MBA from the Technical University in Munich, Germany. He is a frequent speaker at various events on Linux, open source, automotive and telematics.

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Rudolf Streif