vampyr: configurability aware compile-testing of source files

This proposal has been accepted as a session.


One Line Summary

I present a tool, which compile-tests sourcefiles with a high coverage of configurable CPP-blocks.


Some bugs in the linux kernel only appear with specific configurations. In the same way, it’s possible that compiler errors and warnings only emerge with specific configurations, because configurable CPP-Blocks hide the code from the compiler. Compile-testing source code with all possible configurations is a tedious and error prone task. Maintainers often compile changes with the ‘make allyesconfig’ configuration, which doesn’t necessarily cover the whole code.
Our approach delegates compile-testing to a tool called ‘vampyr’.

The talk includes global coverage statistics of ‘allyesconfig’ in comparison to the results of the
vampyr approach for linux versions v3.2 and v3.16.


kconfig, Clang, compiler, gcc, tool, compile-test, warnings, errors

Presentation Materials