Location Based Services -- standardizing an API


One Line Summary

"Car makers consume and create Location Based Services for navigation, fuel economy, and other services in the car. The GENIVI LBS APIs are meant to serve as an authoritative, widely used standard for creating and consuming services based on location."


Location based services are a key component of orienting the driver and passengers in a car. They can tell you how much fuel you have and where to get more if you need more before your destination. The provide points of interest in your area, and leverage navigation and fuel consumption to improve fuel economy.

This session aims to provide the de facto standard API since there are a number of navigation engines and services out there without having a default standard in GNU/Linux. Input and feedback is welcome to make things like Navit and Open Street Map work well as well as developers who’re interested in influencing the state of the art in location based services in the auto industry.


automotive, genivi, car, lsb, location


  • Philippec


    Philippe leads the location-based service projects in GENIVI. He is a recognized expert in navigation systems at PSA Peugeot Citroen and an experience programmer for many years in embedded systems. Since some years, he jumped into making more and more code in Linux-based systems. He has developed the Fuel Stop Advisor application jointly with the Navit maintainer.

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