Integrating Scheduler and CPU Power Management Subsystems

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One Line Summary

Use Cases which highlight the importance of integration of the CPU Power management subsystems.


We have been working on improving power efficiency of the kernel on PowerPC. There have been cases found where better communication between cpufreq, scheduler and cpuidle would help improve the power efficiency by a very good margin. But it was found that there are significant challenges in getting this done. These challenges will be discussed.


power, cpu, scheduler


  • Biography

    Preeti U Murthy joined IBM Linux Technology Center in May 2012 as a fresher,after graduating from National Institute of Technology,Surathkal in the same year.Since then she has been working as a kernel developer on Energy Management features in the Linux Kernel such as Suspend-To-Ram and power aware scheduler.She has been working closely with the Linux community to improve the performance and scalability of the linux scheduler and to bring in energy awareness into it in the form of a power aware scheduler. Currently she is working on CPU power management for the Power architecture.