Wayland track

Friday, October 17, 2014 from 1:003:45pm
Room 27

The Linux Plumbers 2014 Wayland track will be focussed on current and future work to integrate Wayland into the Linux desktop stack, and to make Wayland 100% ready to become the default graphical server for Linux desktops.

Today the Wayland compositor is already used in a variety of environments, ranging from automobiles to smartphones. Tomorrow it will be the default graphical server for Linux desktops, enjoying support from GNOME, KDE, etc.

Becoming the default graphical server for Linux desktops means that wayland needs to be tightly integrated with the rest of the Linux (desktop) stack.

The goal of this microconference is to discuss integration issues such as interaction with systemd, logind, and session management and other important topics, including drawing tablet protocol, input device calibration, privileged clients, socket-based Wayland activation, community window managers, and wifi displays.

Microconference Leaders

Hans de Goede, David Herrmann

Sessions for this track

* Enlightenment as Wayland Compositor

The journey we took to make it possible to run Enlightenment as a standalone Wayland compositor. (slides)
Stefan Schmidt, Christopher Michael

* Graphics beyond the main compositor

An overview of ongoing efforts to improve the graphics stack in the boot-loader, initrd, login-manager, early-boot and late-shutdown.
David Herrmann

* Moving to the user-bus

Discussion on why/how to move existing compositors from a per-session to a per-user bus.
David Herrmann

* Porting Tizen IVI to Wayland

Developing Tizen IVI Wayland features in collaboration with upstream projects (slides)
Manuel Bachmann

* Standardizing privileged operations

Discussion about standardizing how privileged operations like screenshots or registering global hotkeys can be done. (slides)
Hans de Goede