Automotive track

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 from 9:00amNoon
Room 12

The Linux Plumbers 2014 Automotive Microconference is targeting the
challenges of using Linux in the automotive domain.

In the last few years a lot of effort has been put into proofing that
Linux is a viable basis for all kinds of automotive systems. First
products are starting to ship and projects such as the Automotive
Grade Linux
, GENIVI and TIZEN IVI are bringing automotive and open
source developers together to further foster the adoption of Linux in
the automotive domain.

This years track will continue these efforts and will include
discussions on the challenges of vehicle interfaces and diagnostics
and how they can be implemented. Further it will target general topics
including general kernel configuration, in terms of fast boot and
virtualization, and policy management and enforcement. The track
will also consider higher level topics such as driver distraction and
how this can be reduced.

Microconference Leaders

Timo Müller, Daniel Wagner, Jeremiah C. Foster

Sessions for this track

* Process isolation for autonomous driving.

How mainline kernels support enforcement of freedom from interference between processes. (slides)
Tilmann Ochs

* Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI)

RVI is an open source framework for connecting vehicles to cloud services and mobile devices that handles authentication, authorization, discovery of services and data exchange over any network topology. (slides)
Rudolf Streif

* Smart system shutdown

How systemd inhibitors can be used to handle system shutdown in eCall and telephony scenarios. (slides)
Timo Müller, Colin Guthrie

Proposals for this track

* Location Based Services -- standardizing an API

"Car makers consume and create Location Based Services for navigation, fuel economy, and other services in the car. The GENIVI LBS APIs are meant to serve as an authoritative, widely used standard for creating and consuming services based on location."
Automotive 08/19/2014
Jeremiah Foster, Philippe COLLIOT

* Vehicle Diagnostics, especially logging and tracing with the AUTOSAR DLT standard.

Turning the AUTOSAR logging and tracing standard into running code on GNU/Linux.
Automotive 08/14/2014
Jeremiah Foster