An In-Depth Look: Network Virtualization And Security Microconference

Welcome to the second installment of our LPC 2014 Microconferences in-depth series.

The topic of network security has sparked considerable excitement over the past few weeks (see the Heartbleed Bug), but this microconference takes things one step farther from network security to network virtualization and security. The addition of virtualization adds significant security considerations. For example, as the configuration changes, ACLs need corresponding changes in order to continue to enforce the abstract security policy.

This microconference will feature important discussions on a variety of topics, including network virtualization performance and scalability, packet-level security, hardware offload, inside-job DoS attacks, configuration security, and more. For more details refer to the LPC 2014 Wiki.

We look forward to seeing you there!

(Thanks to Paul McKenney for contributing to this post)