An In-Depth Look: Containers Microconference

Welcome to a series of posts providing a more detailed look at our LPC 2014 Microconferences.

The topic of containers has sparked considerable excitement over the past year. At least some of this excitement stems from the extremely lightweight virtualization that containers can provide. However, there are still a number of areas in need of attention (see LWN article “Seven problems with Linux containers“). Parties interested in providing the needed attention include LXC, CoreOS, OpenVZ, LMCTFY, docker, and perhaps most flamboyantly, systemd.

The goal of this microconference is to get these diverse groups together to discuss the long-standing issue of cgroup hierarchy redesign (see LWN articles “[HEADSUP] cgroup changes” and “The evolution of control groups“), but also to discuss interaction with filesystems, networking, checkpoint/restore (CRIU), “application container” standardization, interactions with docker (including libcontainer and machinectl), container migration, load balancing, failover, and more.

More details about the containers microconference can be found in the wiki.

Please join us for a timely and important discussion!
(Thanks to Paul McKenney for contributing to this post)