Microconference Discussion Topic & BoF Submissions Now Open

The online system for requesting BoF sessions and for submitting discussion topics for any of the approved microconferences is now open! FYI, due to technical difficulties, we are no longer using Summit.  Both microconference and BoF submission sites use OpenID to log in, so if you have previously created a Launchpad account, you will be able to authenticate using those credentials. If you previously had admin privileges for the Summit site, your credentials should have been imported into the new system; please contact the planning committee if you have issues.

LPC attendees can submit topics for discussion as part of microconferences.  To submit a topic, first review the full list of approved microconferences here.  Once you have determined which microconference your topic falls under, go to the Microconference Proposals Page  and submit your proposal. Microconference leads are responsible for accepting and scheduling discussion topics within a microconference.  For more details and instructions on submitting a topic, determining the microconference leader, and managing submissions, please see http://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/2013/submitting-microconference-discussion-topics/.

We are also now accepting proposals for BoFs, or “Birds of a Feather” Sessions.  A BoF is an informal gathering held to discuss a particular topic.  Generally, these are used for special interest discussions, topics that aren’t large enough to warrant a full microconference, or to solicit input on technical problems.  Any LPC attendee may propose a BoF session by going to the BoF Submission Page; instructions are available at http://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/2013/submitting-bof-session-requests/. BoFs will be scheduled by the LPC Planning Team as the conference draws closer and we have a more concrete schedule.

If you have questions, please email the planning team at contact@lists.linuxplumbersconf.org.