The slides, videos, and etherpad notes from LPC 2012 are now available online.  Click here.

The schedule is now available:

List of accepted topics for the Refereed Track:

  • Andi Kleen: “Adding Lock Elision to Linux”
  • Andy Grover: “All Plumbing Needs an API”
  • Arnd Bergmann: “Status of the ARM Architecture”
  • Benjamin Herrenschmidt: “Big and Little Endian Inside/Out”
  • Bernhard Rosenkranzer: “Moving Android and Regular Linux Closer Together”
  • PJ Waskiewicz, Shannon Nelson: “Depths of the Cloud: How Linux Networking Needs to Evolve”
  • Eric Blake: “Improved Handling of Large Sparse Files, Such as Virtual Disk Images”
  • James Bottomley: “Lubricating Kernel Plumbing with Social Engineering”
  • Jesse Brandeburg: “Reducing Network Latency in Linux”
  • John Stultz: “Letting Go (A sensitive guide dealing with application caches under the pressures of low memory) “
  • Laurent Pinchart: “Linux Display and Video: One Problem, Three Solutions, Many Puzzled Developers”
  • Len Brown: “ACPI 5.0 in Linux”
  • Lorenzo Pieralisi, Amit Kucheria, and Daniel Lezcano: “CPU Idle: Introducing Cluster Management”
  • Matthew Garrett: ”Plumbing UEFI into Linux”
  • R. Durgadoss, Ramesh Agarwal, Len Brown, Zhang Rui: “Enhancing the Thermal Management Infrastructure in Linux”
  • Sarah Sharp and Tianyu Lan: “USB Port Power Off Kernel/Userspace API”
  • Stephen Hemminger: “The Tunnel Monster”

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