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LPC2012 Videos

Videos are available for the Refereed Presentations and for a few other discussions.

The videos are hosted by Ubicast here:

LPC2012 Slides and Etherpads Notes

Welcome to LPC 2012 – Elena Zannoni [slides]

LPC 2012 closing with Microconferences summaries – Becky Bruce [slides]


Audio Time Alignment – Pierre Bossart [slides]


VFIO: Are we there yet? – Alex Williamson [slides]

KVM/ARM – Marc Zyngier [slides]

One Balloon for All – Daniel Kiper [slides]

AutoNUMA – Andrea Arcangeli [slides]

Reviewing Interrupt/APIC Virtualization Features – Jun Nakajima [slides]

COarse-grain LOck-stepping Virtual Machine – Eddie Dong, Will Auld [slides]

Storage Virtualization for KVM – Bharata B Rao [slides]

Virtualization Security Discussion – Paul Moore [slides]

QEMU disaggregation – Stefano Stabellini [Slides]

KVM Network performance and scalability – John Fastabend [slides]

Xen on ARM Cortex A15 – Stefano Stabellini [slides] [etherpad]

NUMA and Virtualization, the case of Xen – Dario Faggioli [slides]

Next Generation Interrupt Virtualization for KVM – Joerg Roedel [slides]

Marrying Live Migration and Device Assignment – Alex Graf [slides]


Linux Traffic classification and Shaping / Qdisc Experiments at 10Gbps – John Fastabend [slides] [etherpad]

Linux Kernel Implementation of Multipath TCP – Christoph Paasch [slides]

TCP Loss Probe (TLP): fast recovery for tail losses – Nandita Dukkipati [slides]

tc(?) interface to hardware transmit rate limiting – Jesse Brandeburg [slides]

Byte Queue Limits revisited – Tomas Hruby [slides]


Schedule uConf Overview – Vincent Guittot [slides] [etherpad]

Scheduling and big.LITTLE Architecture – Paul E. McKenney [slides]

Update on big.LITTLE scheduling experiments – Morten Rasmussen [slides] [etherpad]

Application of deadline scheduling for powersaving strategies – Juri Lelli [slides]


Introduction and Goals – Mark Gross [slides] [etherpad]

Intel SoC DVFS – Mark Gross [slides]

PM-QoS – Sundar Iyer [slides]

Power Management with a Co-Processor – Vaibhav Bedia [slides]

OMAP PM QoS Discussion – Jean Pihet [slides] [etherpad]

OMAP Thermal Software – Eduardo Valentin [slides]

Tegra Constraints – Antti P Miettinen [slides] [etherpad]

Power Management Constraints BOF – Mark Gross [etherpad]


Session 1 [etherpad]

File and Storage

External Storage Array Management API – Tony Asleson [slides]


Concurrency Kit – Samy Al Bahra [slides]

RCU Judy Arrays – Mathieu Desnoyers [slides]

Assymmetric SMP for Higher Performance – Christoph Lameter [slides]

Real-Time Response on Multicore Systems – Paul McKenney [slides]

Core OS

Petitboot – Geoff Levand [slides] [etherpad]

Hardware Rate Limiting Control – Jesse Brandeburg [slides]

A Way Towards Lower Latency and Jitter – Jesse Brandeburg [slides]

Depths of the Cloud, How Linux Networking needs to evolve – Peter Waskiewicz [slides] [etherpad]

ACPI5 on Linux – Len Brown [slides]

The 0.5 Seconds Update -Arjan Van de Ven [etherpad]

Systemd in the Initramfs – Harald Hoyer [slides]

UEFI Tutorial – Harry Hsiung [slides]

Kernel Summit Day

Core Sessions Summary / Report Out – [Etherpad]

Mini Summits Summary / Report Out – [etherpad]

Real Time

Review of the real time stable release process – Frank Rowand [slides] [etherpad]


Tracing mini-summit [Slides/Abstracts]

[etherpad 1] [etherpad 2] [etherpad 3]


LLVMLinux – Mark Charlebois, Behan Webster [slides] [etherpad]

LLVMLinux x86 Kernel Build – Jan-Simon Möller [slides] [etherpad]

Refereed Presentations

Lubricating Kernel Plumbing with Social Engineering – James Bottomley [slides]

All Plumbing Needs an API – Andy Grover [slides]

Linux Display and Video – Laurent Pinchart [slides]

Speeding up TCP’s Loss Recovery – Nandita Dukkipati [slides]

Adding Lock Elision to Linux – Andi Kleen [slides]

CPUquiet – Peter De Schrijver [slides]

MultiPath TCP – Christoph Paasch [slides]

Byte Queue Limits – Tom ́ˇ Hrub ́ [slides]

Letting Go – application caches under low memory – John Stultz [slides]

Improving Sparse File Handling – Eric Blake [slides] [etherpad]

Plumbing UEFI into Linux – Matthew Garrett [etherpad]

CPU Idle: Introducing Cluster Management – L. Pieralisi [slides] [etherpad]

Big and Little Endian Inside Out – Benjamin Herrenschmidt [slides]

LPC2012 Blueprints in Launchpad

All the Blueprints are here: