Microconference Topics Announced **UPDATED**

Hello Fellow Plumbers,

The LPC Program Committee is pleased to announce the following list of topics for our microconferences. As you can see we have a wide range of issues to tackle and this year’s Linux Plumbers Conference is shaping up to be a great event. I’d also like to remind everyone that the regular registration cost of $350 ends this Saturday, July 28th. After that it goes up to $450. If you haven’t already registered, do so now to get the lower price!

Audio - Mark Brown and Takashi Iwai

Core OS - Kay Sievers and Lennert Pottering

Constraints – Mark Gross

Containers - Kir Kolyshkin

File and Storage Systems - Ric Wheeler and Chris Mason

Morning Sessions Focused on Management & Configuration:

  • System Storage Manager: A single tool to manage your storage – Lukas Czerner
  • Storage Management API‘s – Tony Asleson
  • Anaconda, Snapper and booting – Peter Jones, Matthias G. Eckermann, David Cantrell

Afternoon Session on File System Topics:

  • Local File Systems – Chris Mason & Ric Wheeler
  • Hinting vs Heuristics: Plumbing I/O Cache Hints Through the Linux Storage Stack – Dan Williams
  • NFS advanced projects – Jeff Layton, Bruce Fields, Chuck Lever

Networking - Tom Herbert

Real-Time - Paul McKenney

Scaling - Paul McKenney and Mathieu Desnoyers

Scheduler - Vincent Guittot and Amit Kucheria

Tracing – Mathieu Desnoyers

Virtualization – Amit Shaw

The Virtualization microconference has been organized into 5 topic groups.

Security & Storage



Memory Management


You can also expect to see date and time details for each microconference to be published this weekend.

Updated July 29th to add Virtualization topics
Updated July 30th to add Containers and Constraints topics

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