Track proposals so far

We’re still accepting track proposals, but things have been filling up quickly lately, so if you have an idea for a track, please submit it soon to  The submitted list so far:

  • Lennart Pottering – Boot/Init
  • Lennart Pottering – Audio
  • James Bottomley – Filesystems/storage
  • Daniel Stone – Mobile
  • Julia Lawall – Development tools
  • Darren Hart – Embedded build systems
  • Jes Sorensen – Virtualization
  • Thomas Gleixner (tentative) – Realtime
  • Paul McKenney – Scaling (both up & down)
  • (Various candidates) – Cloud
  • Rafael Wysocki – Power management

We’ll be notifying proposers about their tracks in the coming weeks (target date is March 15th), at which time we’ll open up registration and send out a call for papers, which will fill out the other half of the conference.