Plumbers Conference This Year

The 2012 Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) will be held on August 29-31 in the Sheraton San Diego, and we hope to see you there!

To that end, the LPC Planning Committee is pleased to announce a call for microconferences. These microconferences are working sessions that are roughly a half day in length, each focused on a specific aspect of the “plumbing” in the Linux system. The Linux system’s plumbing includes kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing systems, media creation/playback, and so on. For reference, last year’s LPC had tracks on Audio, Bufferbloat and Networking, Cloud, Containers and Cgroups, Desktop, Development Tools, Early Boot and Init Systems, File and Storage Systems, Mobile, Power Management, Scaling, Tracing, Unified Memory Management, and Virtualization.

Please note that submissions to a given microconference should not normally cover finished work. The best submissions are instead problems, proposals, or proof-of-concept solutions that require face-to-face discussions and debate among people from different areas of the Linux plumbing. In other words, the best microconferences are working sessions that turn problems into patches representing solutions.

Leading an LPC microconference can be a fun, exciting, and rewarding activity, but please see here for the responsibilities of a microconference working session leader. If you have an idea for a good LPC microconference, and especially if you would like to lead up a particular microconference, please add it to the LPC wiki here.

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