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Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 Birds of a Feather Sessions

Favorite proposals for this user

* ARM collaboration summit

Meetup for ARM Linux distributions interested in working together
BoF 08/09/2011
Steve McIntyre, Jon Masters

* Backporting the Linux kernel, for good

Unifying Linux kernel backport efforts (slides)
BoF 07/27/2011
Luis Rodriguez

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 Microconferences

Favorite proposals for this user

* Ad Hoc Synchronization Considered Harmful

A characteristic study on ad hoc synchronization in software systems and a tool called SyncFinder to automatically identify and annotate them. (slides)
Development Tools 03/30/2011
Weiwei Xiong

* Analyzing and Optimizing Server Workload Latency

A look at the problems related to latency in server workloads and solutions we are exploring to improve average and tail latencies.
Cloud 04/29/2011
Venki Pallipadi

* Codemap, google maps for source code

Codemap is a semantic source code visualizer helping to navigate, visualize and search a large codebase using ideas similar to google maps. (slides)
Development Tools 04/29/2011
yoann padioleau

* Diagnosing Linux/Firmware related Issues with the Firmware Test Suite

Discussion on how to automatically diagnose firmware issue that can affect Linux. (slides)
Development Tools 04/20/2011
Colin King

* Ensemble, rethinking cloud deployments

Ensemble is a new opensource configuration management and tool for deploying services into a cloud and data center environments
Cloud 05/11/2011
Kapil Thangavelu

* Eucalyptus: design of an open-source cloud computing platform

In this presentation, we discuss the set of design and implementation details that play into developing a Linux-based, open-source, large scale, infrastructure level distributed system that implements a private cloud computing platform.
Cloud 04/28/2011
Daniel Nurmi

* Finding and burying Configuration Defects in Linux with the undertaker

Finding and burying Configuration Defects in Linux with the undertaker (slides)
Development Tools 03/20/2011
Reinhard Tartler

* GPU kernel and userspace border

Building an efficient and maintenable API for allowing userspace to program GPU is one of the most important piece of the graphic stacks (slides)
Desktop 05/14/2011
Jerome Glisse

* Introducing dmaengine API for TI DMA controllers

Adapting and extending the kernel dmaengine API for high-end dma controllers like EDMA found on Texas Instruments DaVinci devices and SDMA found on OMAP devices.
Mobile 05/15/2011
Sundaram Raju, Sekhar Nori

* Killing Bugs in C with Smatch

An introduction to the Smatch static checker and a look at the future. (slides)
Development Tools 04/22/2011
Dan Carpenter

* LTTng 2.0 : Application, Library and Kernel tracing within your Linux distribution

Presentation of the new LTTng 2.0 kernel and userspace tracer.
Tracing 07/03/2011
Mathieu Desnoyers

* New filesystem freeze API

Folproof filesystem freeze API for user space daemons and guest agents. (slides)
Virtualization 08/29/2011
Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao

* Reducing your patch workload with Patchwork

An overview and update on the Patchwork patch-tracking system. (slides)
Development Tools 04/29/2011
Jeremy Kerr

* Remus - Transparent HA for Xen VMs with Stateful Failover

Remus is a HA system for Xen VMs that preserves complete Guest OS runtime state (including network connections) upon failover.
Cloud 06/02/2011
Shriram Rajagopalan

* Reproducible builds and infrastructure

You already use version control for your software, but what about your build dependencies and your system infrastructures? Come hear about Apters, our solution for reproducible builds and infrastructures. (slides)
Development Tools 05/07/2011
Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp

* Scalability problems in/caused by fork

Scalability problems in/caused by fork (slides)
Scaling 07/14/2011
Andi Kleen

* Seeking a path to zero-copy paravirtualised networking in the Linux kernel

How can we reintroduce the zero-copy behaviour that was removed as part of the process of upstreaming Xen's netback driver (slides)
Virtualization 04/19/2011
Ian Campbell

* Session lead

Session lead for Virtualization micro conf
Virtualization 03/23/2011
Jes Sorensen

* Session Lead

Scaling Linux, both up and down
Scaling 03/29/2011
Paul McKenney

* Thermal Management for ARM-based Systems

How should thermal management for ARM devices be done within existing thermal constructs (hwmon and thermal framework)
Mobile 03/30/2011
Steve Jahnke

* Tolerating hardware device failures in software

Improving reliability of Linux device drivers against hardware failures and hardware specification bugs (slides)
Development Tools 04/30/2011
Asim Kadav

* trace - the new hope?

Can the "trace" utility merge perf and ftrace. (slides)
Tracing 05/24/2011
Steven Rostedt

* Tracing

Tracing 05/11/2011
Elena Zannoni, Masami Hiramatsu

* Tracing KVM guests from the host (discussion)

Tracing the Guest from the Host, a discussion (slides)
Tracing 09/09/2011
Dhaval Giani

* Userspace RCU Library: RCU Synchronization and RCU/Lock-Free Data Containers for Userspace

Presentation of the Userspace RCU library features. (slides)
Scaling 07/03/2011
Mathieu Desnoyers

* VFIO: PCI device assignment breaks free of KVM

VFIO allows exporting PCI devices to userspace drivers. Discussion of using this interface for assigning physical devices to virtual machines and obstacles remaining for integration. (slides)
Virtualization 07/28/2011
Alex Williamson

* Virtio on Xen

How does Virtio compare with traditional Xen PV drivers? (slides)
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini, Anthony PERARD

* Why Video calls on a mobile device don't just work.

An overview of what is involved in making video calls and the issues typically encountered on mobile platforms. (slides)
Mobile 05/15/2011
Sjoerd Simons

* Yabusame: Postcopy Live Migration for Qemu/KVM

Yabusame is yet another live migration mechanism for Qemu/KVM, which implements the migration technique known as "postcopy" or "lazy" migration. (slides)
Virtualization 06/02/2011
Takahiro Hirofuchi

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011

Favorite proposals for this user

* Globally fair group CPU scheduling

A look at the fairness and wake-up latency improvements that can be achieved by extending vruntime beyond the per-cpu level. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Paul Turner

* IRQ naming and routing

Most modern network and storage controllers have multiple interrupts but Linux kernel has inconsistent management (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/05/2011
Stephen Hemminger

* lockdep: How to read its cryptic output

Learn to read the output from lockdep when your code can trigger a deadlock (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/20/2011
Steven Rostedt

* Virtualization: Writing (and testing) device drivers without hardware

How to use QEMU to develop future hardware models to develop and test device drivers before hardware is available. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/28/2011
Peter Waskiewicz, Shannon Nelson

* x32 - a native 32-bit ABI for x86-64

A work-in-progress new ABI for x86 combines the memory footprint of a 32-bit process with the enhanced capabilities of the x86-64 ISA. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/15/2011
H. Peter Anvin