Darren Hart


Darren Hart



Darren Hart works for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. He works on and
around the Linux kernel in support of The Yocto Project. Previously, Darren led
IBM’s real-time Linux development team from 2005-2010. He has presented on
Real-Time Linux benchmarking at the Ottawa Linux Symposium in 2007 as well as
the Linux Foundation: End User Summit in 2008. He presented his work on futex
requeue PI support at LinuxCon and the Real-Time Linux Workshop in 2009. He
presented his work on kernel assisted adaptive userspace mutexes at the 2010
Linux Plumbers Conference.

Proposals for this user

* Kconfig Fragments

BoF to discuss ideas for using Kconfig fragments to replace defconfigs, as well as using them to reduce the amount of distro-specific config management infrastructure that is out there.
BoF 04/30/2011
John Stultz, Darren Hart