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Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 Microconferences

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* A Baker's Dozen of TCP bakeoff?

Can TCP Congestion control help with fairness and latency (bufferbloat)?
Bufferbloat and Networking 04/04/2011
Stephen Hemminger

* Compressed data support in sound subsystem

The new streaming interface proposal provides a framework in sound subsystem to support offloaded decoders and encoders
Desktop 05/12/2011
Vinod Koul, Pierre Bossart

* Making Passthrough Audio on Linux Just Work

This is a talk about the various changes we made to PulseAudio and GStreamer to support passthrough output for compressed audio formats and how applications can make use of this.
Audio 04/15/2011
Arun Raghavan

* Reducing your patch workload with Patchwork

An overview and update on the Patchwork patch-tracking system. (slides)
Development Tools 04/29/2011
Jeremy Kerr

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011

Favorite proposals for this user

* Bcache: A cache designed for SSDs

Bcache is a writethrough and writeback cache designed for arbitrary workloads and reliable performance, and for optimal IO patterns with SSDs.
Refereed Presentations 05/10/2011
Kent Overstreet

* dm-cache, a device mapper target based on SSD

In this session, we will talk about dm-cache, a device mapper target which uses SSD as a cache for some large and slow devices like SAS or SATA.
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Tao Ma

* Globally fair group CPU scheduling

A look at the fairness and wake-up latency improvements that can be achieved by extending vruntime beyond the per-cpu level. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Paul Turner

* Libhugetlbfs in a THP world: libhuge in the present and future

How libhugetlbfs and THP can be used together to provide easy access to huge pages.
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Eric Munson

* lockdep: How to read its cryptic output

Learn to read the output from lockdep when your code can trigger a deadlock (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/20/2011
Steven Rostedt

* LTTng: Integrated Tools for Software and Hardware Tracing

New tools to enable comprehensive analysis of software and hardware traces gathered from multi-core and heterogeneous systems.
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Mathieu Desnoyers

* OSWALD: Lessons from and for the Open Hardware Movement

Envisioned as a cutting-edge computing platform that would encourage students to tinker with all the latest developments in the mobile space without fear of breaking their own gadgets, the initial version of the OSWALD project out of OSU failed in several key areas. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/15/2011
Tim Harder

* The Linux NFC subsystem

Describing the new Linux Near Field Communication architecture, from kernel to userspace. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/09/2011
Samuel Ortiz, Lauro Venancio

* ThunderboltTechnology – What is it and what are the Open Source implications

This presentation will cover the technical details of the Thunderbolt technology as well as the Open Source implications and SW items that will need to be addressed to support the new technology. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/08/2011
John Ronciak

* Where is the Linux kernel on scalability?

Overview of kernel scalability on servers. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/28/2011
Andi Kleen, Tim Chen