Daniel Nurmi

Daniel Nurmi

Eucalyptus Systems Inc.


Daniel Nurmi is a co-founder and director of engineering at Eucalyptus Systems Inc. His research interests target analysis, design and measurement of distributed systems, high performance computing, and scientific computing infrastructures.

Eucalyptus Systems delivers private cloud software. The Eucalyptus platform is an open source solution that originates from an NSF funded research project at University of California, Santa Barbara. The open source model is generally considered a superior way of creating infrastructure software. Innovation is faster, users and customers have more freedom and flexibility, lock-in is avoided, and secondary benefits accrue from the massive ecosystems that naturally evolve around the most prolific open source products.

Proposals for this user

* Eucalyptus: design of an open-source cloud computing platform

In this presentation, we discuss the set of design and implementation details that play into developing a Linux-based, open-source, large scale, infrastructure level distributed system that implements a private cloud computing platform.
Cloud 04/28/2011
Daniel Nurmi