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Andi Kleen is a long term Linux kernel contributor. He worked on many different kernel areas, including network, file systems, scalability and low
level architecture code. He served as the x86-64 and later also the i386 architecture kernel maintainer, after working on the initial x86-64 port.
Currently he also maintains the 2.6.35 longterm tree.
He was employed for over 9 years SUSE and then Novell and now at the Intel Open Source Technology Center, where he currently works on scalability.
He started his career doing support for media artists.

When not sitting in front of a computer Andi enjoys hiking, music, reading, biology and history.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 Microconferences

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* Scalability problems in/caused by fork

Scalability problems in/caused by fork (slides)
Scaling 07/14/2011
Andi Kleen

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011

Proposals for this user

* Where is the Linux kernel on scalability?

Overview of kernel scalability on servers. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/28/2011
Andi Kleen, Tim Chen