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Colin has been working with Linux since the mid-1990s working on porting existing systems to Linux and also enabling Linux on a variety of systems.

As an embedded engineer for Philips he focused on Very-Long-Instruction-Word media processor integration with MIPS and ARM based Linux systems and also worked on an experimental MMU-less port of Linux to a media processor.

As a Hardware Enablement Engineering for Canonical he mainly focuses on sorting out BIOS and ACPI issues such as suspend/resume, broken hotkeys and chipset issues. He has developed the Firmware Test Suite to automate firmware testing to catch a variety of Linux/BIOS/ACPI interaction issues.

Proposals for this user

* Diagnosing Linux/Firmware related Issues with the Firmware Test Suite

Discussion on how to automatically diagnose firmware issue that can affect Linux. (slides)
Development Tools 04/20/2011
Colin King