Ric Wheeler

Ric Wheeler

Red Hat


Ric works at Red Hat as the manager and architect of the file system team. He has extensive experience in storage and file systems after spending ten years at EMC in its Symmetrix and Centera groups, four years at The Open Group’s Research Institute and four years at Thinking Machines working on the CM5 operating system.

In the distant past, Ric worked on the original MOSIX process migration system at Hebrew University’s distributed systems laboratory. For the past ten years, he has been active in the Linux file system and IO world where he helped organize workshops, inform open source developers about high end storage and helped advance the robustness of the Linux IO & file system stack.

Proposals for this user

* Building common tools to manage file, LVM and hardware features

The session will detail a design and progress towards getting a unified way to manage common features like snapshots, growth, shrinking for file systems and files.
File and Storage Systems 04/13/2011
Ric Wheeler