John Ronciak

John Ronciak

Intel Corp.


John Ronciak has been one of the main Open Source people within Intel LAD and currently represents LAD in a number of Intel forums regarding Open Source and Linux. John will be presenting the new LAD technology called Thunderbolt. The main points regarding the Thunderbolt within the Open Source communities and the Linux OSV’s. John is a SW Architect within LAD with over 25 years of driver writing development. John is also one of the kernel maintainers for the LAD Ethernet drivers, e100, e1000, e1000e, igb and ixgbe.

Proposals for this user

* ThunderboltTechnology – What is it and what are the Open Source implications

This presentation will cover the technical details of the Thunderbolt technology as well as the Open Source implications and SW items that will need to be addressed to support the new technology. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/08/2011
John Ronciak