Linux Power Management Experiences on Moorestown

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Scheduled: Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 2:00 – 2:50pm in Alexander Valley Ball Room

One Line Summary

How Linux handles the power management challenges of the Moorestown platform.


With Intel’s Moorestown hand-held platform, x86 faces novel power management challenges.

Moorestown is implemented with two chips. The Lincroft Atom north complex is PC-compatible. However, Moorestown’s Langwell south-complex drops all PC compatibility, instead supplying devices tailored for low power hand-held use.

Previous talks have covered how Linux responded to the loss of PC-compatibility on this platform. Here we focus on the power management challenges. In particular, Linux run-time device power management was in development at the same time as Moorestown hardware, and turned out to be a key piece of the final product, touching platform components as well as every device driver in the system.

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  • Len Brown

    Intel OTC


    Len is a Principal Engineer at Intel’s
    Opensource Technology Center (OTC).
    He focuses on power management, and
    has maintained the Linux Kernel ACPI
    sub-system for 7 years.