A Baker's Dozen of TCP bakeoff?

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One Line Summary

Can TCP Congestion control help with fairness and latency (bufferbloat)?


Linux support a dozen advanced TCP congestion control algorithms as well as the original TCP Reno. This talk aims to provide information to lead an informed discussion of the influence these choices have on performance, fairness and delay. It will cover the history the different algorithms and the concept behind each one. The second part is a survey of different test results. The goal is to start an informed discussion of the criteria for choosing a TCP congestion
control and if existing Linux default is the best.


bufferbloat, TCP, networking


  • Stephen_hemminger


    Stephen Hemminger is a Linux developer who specializes in kernel
    networking issues. Having been involved with TCP/IP since the early
    days of UNIX, he is familar with the congestion and SMP issues.
    Some of his projects have been integrating TCP congestion control,
    bridging, network emulation and network drivers.
    Steve works on so integrating so many different networking pieces
    that he decided to give himself the title of Network Plumber.