Relativistic Development

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Scheduled: Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 9:00 – 9:45am in Alexander Valley Ball Room

One Line Summary

Exploring FLOSS development models, good, bad, and ugly.


This talk presents the one true development model, derived with high probability and infinite precision through a series of calculations requiring months of processor time on the fastest super computer… Er, well, no, not really. The thing is, even though development models are about producing code for computers, they’re actually human solutions to human problems. They have as much to do with psychology, sociology, and anthropology as they do with technology. This talk explores the rich diversity of FLOSS development, and how to learn from developers in other communities who do things differently.

(See the LWN article for a report on this talk.)

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    Allison Randal is the Open Source Advisor at Canonical, and retired chief architect of Parrot. In over 25 years as a programmer, she has developed everything from games, linguistic analysis tools, and e-commerce websites, to shipping fulfillment, compilers, and database replication systems, worked as a language designer, project manager, conference organizer, editor, and consultant, been president of an open source software foundation and director of three, written several books, and founded a tech publishing company. Her current hobby is quantum physics.